Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery managing surgical  and minimal invasive ( Angioplastie) reconstruction of arteries  and veins such as


1) Therapy of arterial diseases
( especially  in diabetic )


2) Surgical therapy of ischemia

a) Acute limb ischemia
Anti-coagulation and Thrombolysis 

b) Chronic limb ischemia 
Diabetic foot ulcer
Intermittent claudication and peripheral artery occlusive disease therapy with Intervention such as stenting and angioplasty or surgical therapy including  either endarteriectomies ( Plaque excision)  on arterial   blockages or  an arterial Bypass generally using the  saphenous vein and when not availabel then Gore Text or omniflow Text .

c) Mesenenteric ischemia

3) Extracranial cerebrovascular disease  transient ischemic attack TIA and Stroke

Carotid endarteriectomies 

Stenting the Carotid artery 

4) Venous  diseases 


5) abdominal aortic  Aneurysm :Open AAA repair ( bifurcation prothesis)

Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)

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